Mill Hollow Events

Thieves, Fence Jumpers and Bad Check Writers

When closed, we do not want you on our property or stealing a Christmas tree.  This also goes for someone who knowingly writes a bad check.  Your "story "may convince you this is all right.  It is not!!!

Cash or check only.  No credit or debit cards accepted.  The nearest ATM is three miles away in Point Blank.  

October Outing Event  

Cancelled for the year 2018 because of repairs still being made to Hurricane Harvey damage.  

These weekends are a time to be with your family and friends at Mill Hollow Christmas Tree Farm.  The weather is usually beautiful.  We consider this a marketing event and a time for non-customers to experience Mill Hollow and hopefully come back during our choose and cut weekends and buy a tree.  No admission charge for taking advantage of this day at Mill Hollow.  Details are as follows:   

Choose and Cut Your Christmas Tree

This is the event where you can take in all of the activities and then find and cut a beautiful fresh Christmas tree for your family to enjoy.   If you desire, cleaning and baling of the Christmas tree is available.    Our very talented workers will also tie the tree to you vehicle for a safe ride home.  

Christmas is for Children.  Do bring them and watch the memories created.  More importantly, be prepared to spend some time , have a free hot dog or two, roast marshmallows on the pine log campfire, take in the beauty of the land and enjoy those who will be with you at the farm.  

Reservations are not required.  However, we are only open on weekends from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and will close on Sunday, December 9.  

A pick up truck is not required to take home a beautiful Christmas tree.  Our workers will tie your family tree into the trunk of your car or even on top of you car.  All we do is ask you to do is check and make sure it is securely tied before you leave the farm.  If you are concerned about losing the tree on the way home, please bring your own cord and always inspect to make sure the tree is securely tied to the car.  Oh yes, do drive slowly home.   

Moonlight Adventure    


We have several families who by choice or circumstances are out in the Christmas tree fields after dark trying to find their family Christmas tree.  Without exception, they claim this to be the most fun they ever had as a family.  After all, who cares what the Christmas tree looks like when you remember how you found it by moonlight.  

For the families and their special friends who want to try something different, we offer you this once in a life time experience. (You do have the option of coming back the next morning and seeing if the tree looked as beautiful by moonlight as it does by sunlight before you cut it.  Huntsville has several good hotels.)

Details are as follows:  

 Since the night in the country can be cold and damp, please dress appropriately.

For those who fear finding, cutting and taking home the ugliest tree in the fields, we suggest maybe coming up before 5:30 PM when we still have light.

Procrastinator Weekend

 This is the last weekend, December 8 & 9 we will be open.  These days are for those who like to find their Christmas tree at the last minute.  

This weekend is when many retail lots and Christmas tree farms are closing.  Since tradition or the unexpected can prevent your family from coming earlier, we do stay open for you.    

We do close promptly at 5 PM and maybe even earlier if everyone appears to have their family Christmas tree.  So, please call if you may be running late and will arrive after 3 PM.         

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