The Old Oakhurst Mill

This poor quality picture was taken around the turn of the century of the old Oakhurst lumber mill.

 Logs were brought in by rail from the out-lying cutting areas and rolled off into the pond at the left of the picture.  These logs were then pulled up the ramp in the building in the background and cut by a stream driven saw.  The boiler generating this steam is in the building with five smoke stacks.  Wood saw dust was burned in the boiler to create the steam.  

The pictures below are of the ruins of the Oakhurst Mill today:

This is a picture looking at the mill with the pond being behind the ruins.  The big cement foundation in the middle towers over the area and is believed to be the foundation for the main saw.  

As can be seen by the  thick grape vines, these ruins appear to have been undisturbed for years.   As you look over the area, it reminds you of something that only Indiana Jones would stumble across.

If you go through these ruins, you will come to the mill pond as seen below:

old mill pond 

What is interesting about this pond is that it was built on top of the hill.  Rain was diverted into this pond by ditches.  There also was a dam and a water ram on Palmetto creek in the valley below.  This ram pump would have kept creek water flowing up the hill to the pond even during the long dry Texas summers.   If time permits, I will have a working ram pump to show how you pump water up a hill.   

Surrounding the mill site are huge old oak trees.  The name Oakhurst is believed to be related to the mill being on top of a hill or "hurst" and surrounded by oaks.  

These ruins are adjacent to our farm but on privately owned forest land and are not open for visitors.

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