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Mill Hollow is a very scenic Texas Christmas tree farm.  The farm is located in the beautiful forested hills near Lake Livingston.

Important Information-August 15, 2019

Mill Hollow Christmas Tree Farm will not be open for choose and cut this year, 2019, or any year after.  We are calling it quits after 37 years of providing the best customers in the world with a Texas Christmas tree.  See our newsletter/blog for more information on this decision and other places to get your family Christmas tree.


Christmas tree field

Mill Hollow is a Sustainable Green Operation.  

Mill Hollow has for 37 years been helping to offset Global Warming by removing the green house carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere.  Your purchase of a Mill Hollow Christmas tree continues this effort and also helps to reduce your family's environmental damaging footprint.  A fake Christmas tree generates green house gases in its manufacture and will never help to reduce Global warming!  Only real Christmas trees can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it to harmless wood cellulose.