Tree Services Available

Tree Cleaning-

Mechanical tree cleaning is available and removes loose needles and other debris from the tree.  The cost of this service is $1.50.  ( Picture-use back key to return)  

Hint:  Cleaning substantially reduces the mess of loose needles one normally experience with putting up an uncleaned Christmas tree.  If you have this done, the chances are you will demand this service next year.  

Tree Packaging-

Tree packaging or baling in a net is available at a cost of $2.00.  This netting reduces the diameter of a tree. It makes it easier to transport the tree, take it into the house and get it into the tree stand (Picture-use back key to return).   

Hint:  It is recommended that the netting be kept on the tree until it is securely placed in the stand and is standing with no assistance.  At that point in time, the netting can be cut with sharp scissors and carefully taken off the tree.  The tree branches will relax and fluff out.  Many families have a small ceremony to mark the removal of the netting and the start of decorating.

If you decide to delay putting up your tree, you must place the tree in water and in a dark place where no sunlight can hit it.  The netting can be left on.  Before you put the tree into the stand, cut approximately one inch off of the stump.  This will help the tree take in water.  

Hint:  The more water a tree takes in, the more fragrance the tree will give off.  After all, Christmas is made up of smells from spiced Wassail and freshly baked cookies to the fragrance of the Christmas tree.   Please watch the Christmas tree stand water level especially on the first two or three days. A fresh tree will drink lots of water.   

Tree Delivery-$10 to $14.00

Delivery of your tree to your home in North, Northwest, West and Southwest areas of Houston is available. (delivery map for delivery area and prices. Use back key to return).  This very popular service is limited to a certain number of trees per delivery day.  Please check when buying the tree on whether any openings to your area exist.

Hint: Does the Christmas rush keeps you from coming up to the farm this year?  If you are a past customer, you can order a Christmas tree and have it delivered to your house .

Tree Disposal Bags-$1.50

These bags are designed to be pulled over a Christmas tree when the tree is ready to be taken out.  Removing a bagged tree reduces the debris normally associated with this job.    

Hint:  A tree bag if opened and rolled can be placed beneath the stand when setting up the tree.  If you accidentally overfill the stand, the tree bag will catch the water.  When ready to take the tree out after Christmas, just pull the rolled bag up over the stand and up onto the tree.  When outside, tear the bag and remove the tree stand.

Christmas Tree Stands- Two types of stands are available:


These rugged plastic stands are made in Houston and include an automatic siphon watering system.  This watering system eliminates the need to crawl under the branches in order to find out if the tree needs water.   Wood bases for these stands are available at the farm.

Hint: The stands can be easily screwed on wood bases.  A two foot by two foot 3/4 inch thick plywood will work.  A 4 foot by four foot 3/4 inch plywood is even better.  This allows more stability especially on deep pile carpet.  It also makes it easy to rotate the tree to find out which side is the best.

Hint:  If tree is still unstable with a wood base, just wrap a concrete block as a present and place it on the corner opposite of the direct the tree wants to fall.

4-Brace Stands

These rugged steel stands have an unique tree clamping system which allows a tree to have very low branches.  Clamps and wood bases are also available at the farm.