September Hurricane Ike 2008


On Saturday, September 13, 2007, a category 2 hurricane named Ike made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast near to Galveston.  As it travel inland, the eye of the storm , now a category 1 hurricane, passed directly over Mill Hollow Christmas Tree Farm during the early morning hours.   Winds well in excess of 100 miles per hour were seen with rain driven sideways by the wind. 

Late that afternoon and after the stormed passed, we were able to get out and access the damage to the farm.  Amazingly, the damage was relatively minor .  More important, the Christmas trees were not harmed by the strong winds and side wise rain.        

The most significant damage was a fallen huge majestic oak tree in our north Christmas tree field.  This estimated 100 foot tall tree with a 50 foot wide crown will be missed.  It provided us with shade from the hot Texas sun while working in the North Field.  It also provided our hawks, crows and vultures a place to rest while searching for their next meal.  Since we believe in not wasting what Mother Nature has created, this tree will be converted into firewood to keep us and our customers warm.     

The very high winds of Hurricane Ike did literally tear off a tin metal roof sheet from the hay stack shed.  This damage is easy to repair and should be completed by the upcoming October Outing event the last two weekends in October.  

This is the third hurricane Mill Hollow has experienced since 1983.  The first hurricane was Alicia in 1984 and passed to the west of the farm with the eye approximately 60 miles away.  In 2005, hurricane Rita passed to the east  of the farm with the eye approximately 60 miles away.  Interestingly, the eye of hurricane Ike passed directly over the farm but did less damage then these previous two hurricanes which passed some distance away from Mill Hollow.